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Concierge Services

America spends more on healthcare than any other nation in the world, while getting less healthy in terms of outcomes. In fact, for the first time in recent history, the average life expectancy for U.S. citizens has declined for the past three years in a row. You deserve a more effective healthcare solution.

Concierge medicine is membership-based healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience.


Unlimited Office and Telehealth Visits

For a flat monthly fee, you get unlimited office and telehealth visits, as well as direct care from a provider without worrying about copays and other charges. In review we have found that many patients that have large deductibles find it cheaper to simply coordinate concierge care. You also gain access to your doctor’s direct phone line for medical questions and simple diagnostic and blood tests in their office. And if you have a major health problem, your provider coordinates specialist referrals as needed. With concierge medicine, there is no insurance or corporate health system interference—just doctors and patients.

We believe that the concierge healthcare model is the smartest way to deliver it. Concierge medicine is based on the principle that an upfront investment in your wellness should translate into a reduction in severe healthcare occurrences.

Patients of concierge doctors wait one business day or less for an appointment, instead of the average 20+ days and they can spend up to 45 minutes per visit versus the typical 13 minutes. We believe that the care concierge doctors provide can reduce overall healthcare expenditures.


“Providers are paid for how many people turn the turnstile.” Unsurprisingly, people who choose traditional primary care are frustrated with the lack of access to their provider. “They love their provider but hate the office.”

The traditional primary care provider routine is a familiar one—after waiting weeks for an appointment, you have some basic tests and screenings and wait days or weeks for the results to be uploaded to an online portal. If you are lucky, you get to discuss your results with a nurse over the phone.

How Much Does Concierge Medicine Cost?

Patients pay a one-time initiation fee and monthly membership fees. We offer monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships. Contact our office to discuss.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

The fees are an out-of-pocket expense. Depending on your specific care needs, you might incur additional fees for services like outside labs. Your health insurance company may reimburse some of these costs if the provider is considered an out-of-network provider.

Concierge care is not an insurance alternative—you still need coverage for hospitalizations and specialty referrals. Since routine care is covered by your membership, though, you can consider switching to a “high-deductible” health plan to save money. Contact your benefits representative or health insurance company to see what can be paid from your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) as well. Make an investment in your health! Concierge medical fees are affordable!

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