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Employment & Sports Physicals

Holistic recognizes the importance of physicals. Whether you or your family member necessitates a physical for a sport, school clearance, or a physical for employment, we can help.


Sports Physicals:

  • Identify and screen any potential undiagnosed medical condition that could make sports participation unsafe.

  • Look for and intervene in poorly controlled chronic conditions such as asthma, obesity, hypertension, post-concussion syndrome, mental health issues or eating disorders..

  • Screen for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic or acute, that need further workup or rehab prior to sports participation.

  • Personal and family medical history questionnaire.

  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement.

  • Physical exam.

Employment Physicals:

Physicals for work help to ensure the safety of the employee and those around them while they perform job-related tasks. Employment physicals are particularly important in high-risk positions such as commercial driving, law enforcement, public safety positions, manufacturing, and labor occupations. Moreover, countless employers have begun to screen for conditions that raise costs for employers. As such, we can help develop a plan and relay that plan (as necessary and only if required) to either maintain employment, maintain insurance costs, or both.

  • Personal and family medical history questionnaire.

  • Labs, as necessary.

  • Blood pressure and pulse measurement.

  • Physical ability tests for specific job function.

Some jobs and/or employers may also require blood and urine tests, chest X-rays or an electrocardiogram (EKG)

Our locations can provide same-day service, or you can schedule an appointment for your sports or employment physical.

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