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Addiction and Counseling Services

For well over a decade, our providers have helped battle addiction throughout Appalachia. It is a fight you cannot win alone but it is also a fight you do not have to take on alone. We can help, we want to help, and we will help but the first step towards getting help begins with you.

At Holistic, we understand how much pain, how much hurt, and how much you had had to endure. We also know that you can overcome addiction because we have helped so many others who have simply chosen to take the first step … and asked us to help. We can make it easier. We continue to provide services and work with our community partners and relationships to ensure you receive experienced, compassionate care on your road to recovery.


The battle of addiction can never be fought on just one front, it must be attacked from every angle. That includes things like accountability in our personal lives, maybe safeguards in our social lives, and professional help. There are medications and counseling services to assist you.

Addiction is a strange, deadly, and confusing disease. Sometimes getting help or the window for getting that help can be small. Have you reached your rock-bottom and have decided to do a search for a “walk-in clinic near me?” Do you know someone who has talked about getting help and is interested in finding help? The time to get help is now!

Our professionals know addiction, our caring staff wants to help, and we are here when you need us, even if that means right now. You are not alone! If you are needing, wanting, or looking into an addiction center for yourself or someone you care about, we know this can be a challenging time. We set the example of exemplary service and care particularly related to Addiction Counseling; we only employ Master’s Level counselors with years of experience. If you, individually or your company needs counseling services for your clinic, … call us, we can help you!

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