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Primary Care Services

Holistic, Inc. is a primary care office located in Charleston, West Virginia. Our goal is to treat any issues, therefore providing care for the mind, body, and soul. Our staff focuses on specialized treatments for each client based on their individual needs.


The Personal Care of Primary Care

A primary care provider is one person who you trust. They are the professionals that know your history, your illnesses and often much more. At Holistic, we want to be that primary care facility and that person for you. We want to invest in getting to know you. In doing so we can better treat your entire person while fostering a meaningful relationship.

As a primary care provider, these provider-patient relationships often become real and deep relationships. Of course, these relationships and friendships are not built overnight but they all begin the same way. If you need a medical provider, a primary care provider, or even counseling, we can help. It begins with you, and it ends with us.

Finding Primary Care Providers Near Me

There are many reasons why people search “primary care providers near me.” Their former primary care provider may have moved or you have moved. It is even possible that you have never had or needed one, until now. Holistic, Inc. would like to welcome you and if you are looking for a primary care provider, you can reach out to us.

Our staff takes the time to get to know you, not only your file but you. We believe the better we know who you are, the better we can treat you, not only your condition but you as a person. At Holistic we strive to build relationships with our patients because the medical field is about caring for people.

It does not matter why you are looking for a primary care provider, what is important is that you find a provider and team that cares. Contact us if you are looking for a primary care provider or want to know more about our medical services because we are here to help.

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